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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Rae Sremmurd - No Flex Zone (remix) lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


No flex zone, no flex zone
They know better, they know better
No flex zone, no flex zone
They know better, they know better
Won a gold medal
And a gold bezel
I treat it so special
Now your ho jealous
Freak hoes got several
They tens or better
I’m a trendsetter
I’m a go-getter

[Nicki Minaj]
Hell no you can’t use my lip gloss
Pop a perc’ now I’m on lift off
Ass still fat, it’s on Rick Ross
You bitches, make a nigga dick soft
Bitch ball like I’m at tip off
Get it wet, then I rub the tip on
Rag and bone jeans I can slip off
Bitch I’ve been hot since flip phones
Running this game for 5 years
Guess that’s chords Rae Sremmurd - No Flex Zone (remix) lyrics lyrics why my feet hurt
Wonder when they bite me
Do these bitches’ teeth hurt??
Yes I am an icon, that’s me on your T-shirt
Do your fucking research
You ain’t know this the no rip zone
This the “You can’t beat Nicki zone
Madison Square when the Knicks home
I live next door to Brad Pitt’s home
I like bad bitches, cause they like bad bitches too
I like hood niggas with a bad attitude
They could never reach Young Nic’s magnitude
Even if they had a longitude latitude
Listen up ho this is my territory
You are my son, like an episode of Maury, like an episode of ER
Bitch I’m hotter than the D.R
When it comes to rap skill, ain’t nobody wanna see her
Motherfuckers flexin, motherfuckers acting
Bitches is my sons and they causin’ contractions
Ain’t pushing out I’mma give them to the clinic
Cah wait, we nuh rate dem gyal and dem gimmick
Wack sauce I can hear it in your tone
This nigga keep staring at my phone
But if you’re ugly it’s a no text zone, it’s a no sex zone, it’s a no flex zone
Wack sauce I can hear it in your tone
This nigga keep staring at my phone
But if you’re ugly it’s a no text zone, it’s a no sex zone, it’s a no flex zone


[Pusha T]
Who ain’t waiting on King Push?
Got niggas checking for them new flows
Sold more dope than the old Jigga
Now niggas calling me the new Hov
Let the coupe go, planetarium
Let the roof go like Cesarean
Clear my section nigga, no flexing nigga
Just a hunnid bottles they carrying
Cross the border like I lost a daughter
This foreign nigga, he ain’t know better
Him pick and choose where them bullets fly
I lose the plane on this fool nigga
Bought dope with my album budget
Play Clothes was the blueprint
Four million in four seasons
Fuck who care for my fashion sense
Tell a cord kord chord Rae Sremmurd - No Flex Zone (remix) lyrics kunci gitar ho come and swim in the money
Broke niggas just stop at the heel
I could body paint you in them name brands
And put a red bow on the wheels
See I’m just in and out, I call a rent a mouth
Suck the ice out of a bezel
Use my rap persona, fuck baby mommas
Still killin’ haters, God bless em’


[Kid Ink]
Said I’m the gorilla in the village
No nice guy wid ’em you night night nigga
Can’t ride wit the team
No bike life nigga
Ain’t bittin’ my tongue, you can bite my dick
Just roll one up, gone light that shit
Shit still shine when the light don’t hit
Can’t fate watch rust a real nigga
Shout out, Paul Wall, I’m grillin’ on ’em
Straight me and the team, high to the ceiling
Ridin’ in the Porsche, fly away from the Civic
Know it’s a party every evening
Always gettin’ complaints from the tenants
So I got me a crib in the valley
But I’m always still in the city
Out of town, still smoking Cali
Blowin’ swishas fat as a feeling
Lil’ niggas betta lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Rae Sremmurd - No Flex Zone (remix) lyrics download mp3 get ya updates
Been a whole new game since it came out
Got plaque on plaque, need Colgate
In my own lane, get ya own route
Nah, no flex, we zoning
Out this bitch if anybody want it
All this liquor a nigga been pourin’
Got me feel that it ain’t no opponent


[Juicy J]
Rolex on, Lambo gone
I’m flyer than an asteroid on steroids that’s that strong
I ball out bitch come catch me
Thirsty ass bitch don’t sweat me
I just wanna fuck your face
Fuck your name I’mma call you Becky
My watch, my rings, you know what I drink
That’s sprite i put it on ice
Got freezer burn on my chain
Pop star tryin to hide in my range
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She don’t wanna be in no pictures
We ain’t try to be on no TMZ
She just try to gobble this dick up
Call her phone, she can’t pick up
I shoot it in her face it’s a stick up
I walk in and threw a couple bandz to my jeweler
Go head and light my bitch up
Gettin to the bread like a pigeon
I got loud pack all in my system
Sick bitch I don’t smoke no swishers
And I’m on that ass like bump stickers
Whip the pussy she scream so loud you think I kilt her
Soon as I done ima have to dismiss her
Thirty minutes later here come her sister
Pimp shit nigga, I’m rich they know
I smoke they blow
Juicy J I’mma about to go out
buy a tour bus for all hoes


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