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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Buju Banton - Get It On lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


Put yourself in my position
It’s the moment of decision
Got to love you like a real man
Let us have some fun

When you ready you to come, come
Fit up me self already, no man, nah, go run, run
Pleasure satisfaction alone me bring down down
Penis stiff up like a pencil hear a beat like a dum dum

Man nuh afraid, a woman brave heart, man a uh dum dum
Love you, make you simmer and settle like a run down
Touch you body right and make you say it’s well done
Nah give her a half, me a make, she view the whole spectrum

Woman just bring on cord kord chord Buju Banton - Get It On lyrics kunci gitar the fun
I’m gonna love you like it’s never been done
Take on a level plane and set your equilibrium
No escaping, no turning back and no place to run
Woman a melt, she a the butter me a the sun

Try my best to make it better satisfy
You bring you pleasure in your life
Other guys would die to do whatever
Acting smart, not being clever, no, not I

Man a make love to woman, them a look up inna space
Nah feel no pleasure, him nuh penetrate
She want test her fate
Hold on and brace get up chords Buju Banton - Get It On lyrics lyrics tired
And tried and ball fi body ace

See lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Buju Banton - Get It On lyrics download mp3 the hussy, carry the money, make him confiscate
You rather have a man with whom you can relate
First, you be fair, not Vanity Fair
The something the you have by right, it has to share

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